Steve Rogers gains reversal of multi-million dollar verdict

You can’t prove that a rear-end collision didn’t cause injuries when the trial judge refuses to allow evidence that might show an accident was too minor to cause such harm.

Clark County District Judge Jessie Walsh issued such a pro-plaintiff ruling, not once, but again and again in a case brought by the Eglet Wall law firm.

In one extraordinary action, Walsh became so angry at a defendant’s attorney, Stephen Rogers, she ended a two-week jury trial. She sanctioned Rogers for misconduct, threw out his defense, dismissed the jury and ordered a $5 million judgment against his client, Jenny Rish.

In March, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled Walsh had made so many errors in a 2011 trial that a new trial was warranted.

A 19-page opinion authored by Justice James Hardesty and signed by Justices Michael Douglas and Michael Cherry detailed Walsh’s errors and said she abused her discretion when determining whether to admit or exclude evidence.

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