Our clients' loyalty is the product of the skill and professionalism of our attorneys and staff and our adherence to the firm's core philosophy: the law is a profession, not a business; the client's satisfaction is our ultimate goal. By adhering to this philosophy, RMCM has earned its reputation for providing affordable, highly skilled representation.

Here is a list of our primary services, including the practices we offer and the industries in which we work:

1) Insurance Litigation
2) Insurance Coverage
3) Medical Malpractice
4) Personal Injury Litigation

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Congratulations to LVDL’S Lawyer of the Year – Stephen Rogers

Steve Rogers has worked for two decades exclusively in the field of civil defense litigation, known for high ethics and an outstanding reputation in the legal community. An example of his dedication to protecting Defendant’s rights is evident in the Nevada Supreme Court decision in Rish v. Simao.

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Dan Carvalho $2 million settlement precluded ruling on Dr. Desai faking

A lawyer accused Dr. Dipak Desai of exaggerating his ill health to duck legal problems long before prosecutors raised the issue last month in his criminal case.

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