The lawyers at RMCM have many years of experience in a broad range of civil matters.

With accumulated experience in excess of one hundred civil jury trials and thousands of arbitrations and mediations, the lawyers at RMCM understand our clients’ needs and have earned acclaim for protecting and enforcing their interests.


Our clients’ loyalty is the product of the skill and professionalism of our attorneys and staff and our adherence to the firm’s core philosophy: the law is a profession, not a business; the client’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal. By adhering to this philosophy, RMCM has earned its reputation for providing affordable, highly skilled representation.

Below is a list of our primary services, including the practices we offer and the industries in which we work.


Large firm expertise

We strive to provide our clients with highly skilled legal advocacy that is more commonly associated with only the very largest law firms. Yet we are able to provide a level of personal service and attention to your case that the large firms, because of their very size, cannot.

Assistance with your case

We invite you to contact us via phone or e-mail at:

    (702) 383-3400